Rilo Casper was sitting in his recliner watcheing the Atlanta Braves blow the game when the phone rang. He checked the caller ID box and the name read Boyd Carson, and the number was ***-****. He was not happy with the way the game was going, and he didnít know any bonehead named Carson, so he picked up the phone and said what the hell do you want! He heard a loud click, and he went balistic. He snatched up the phone and called this Carson jerk and left a scathing message. He called back about 7 more times, because he was going to show this jerk the error of his ways. On the 9th call, he heard a message that said blocked calls are not being received at this number. Rilo really went crazy, and he screamed at the phone in his handd, donít you know that itís not nice to hang up on people! As he spoke these words, his memory flashed back 20 years to when he was 8 years old. He had always liked to play practical jokes on people, so he would call numbers and hang up on people when they answered. One day he was playing on the phone, and as he hung up the phone laughing, his mother slapped him hard across the side of the head. He hit the ground hard, and as he was passing out, he heard his mother saying itís not nice to hang up on people. Rilo paced around the apartment trying to figure out a way to get this son of a buck to pay for his transgression. He got the phone book, but there was no listing for Boyd Carson. He went to his computer and dialed up the internet. He went into the place where he could find people and searched for Boyd Carson. He shreaked with joy when the name of Boyd Carson came onto the screen. He lived at 1200 Beacon Parkway East, but oh crap, the phone number was different. It also said the name of the place they lived was Regency Terrace condos. Rilo looked up the number and called the condos. A man answered the phone, and said he was the security guard, and Rilo asked if Mr. Boyd Carson still lived there, and the guard said there was no body at Regency Terrace by that name. Rilo said they used to live there, and he asked the guard if he knew where they had moved. The guard said he didnít know these people, so he couldnít give him any information. Rilo slammed down the phone and thought about his next move. It was 4 hours later, and he had no solution to his problem.

Chapter 7: The Chance Encounter

It was 2 weeks after the hang-up, and Rilo was at his job as the assistant manager of The Ultimate Grocery Store, TUGS. He was settling out a cash drawer when one of his cashiers called to him and requested that he take over her checkout stand for about 15 minutes while she took a break. He mumbled to himself about what a lazy witch she was and made his way to the cash register. He checked out a man with some frozen pizzas and a twelve pack of beer, and behind him was a lady about 5 foot 4 and about 115 pounds. She started emptying her cart, and when she was done, she made her way forward towards Rilo. Her total was $88.45, and she made out a check. Rilo looked at the check, and the name on the check was Boyd and Kristal Carson. A fain smile came to his face, and Rilo asked mrs. Carson for some ID. Kristal frowned, and pulled out her drivers license. As the guy read the license, Kristal thought what a nurd. This guy was about five foot seven and about two hundred pounds. His hair was receeding, his eyes were brown, he had big ears, and by god , he had a pocket protector. Kristal thought she wouldnít have to go through this if she had not left her Visa card at home. The guy gave her back the license, completed the transaction, and thanked her for her business. As Mrs. Carson took her cart out the door, Rilo followed her to the electric doors and saw her go to a red van. Rilo went back to the cash register and wrote down the Carsonís address. The next day, Rilo drove to the address on the check, and he saw that the Regency Summit was just up the road from Regency Terrace, and this complex also had a security guard hut at the entrance to the complex. He knew he would not be able to get into the condo by sneaking onto the premises. The only way he could get to them is by moving into the complex. He looked in the Sunday paper for condo rentals, but they did not have any at the Summit. He would check again in next weeks paper.


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