Akito told Uke and Geri to escort Boyd Carson to the living room, so they could talk. Once Akito and Boyd were settled, everybody left the room. Akito got right to the point and told Carson why he had kidnapped him. At midnight, we are going to kumite, and there will only be one winner. In an exasperated voice, Boyd said you kidnapped me so we can be three minutes from going home. In a chilly voice, Akito said this is not three minutes from going home. This is three minutes from death. Only one of us will be alive after this battle. Boyd tried to reason with Akito by saying that it was never the winning that was important, but it was the karate competition that was important. Akito told Carson that he did not understand. Akito said that his father was devastated when his only son went blind, and over the last few years, karate had helped form a new bond between father and son. Especially at tournaments, my father would smile with such pride when I was victorious, but you came along, and my father did not smile any more. Five times we have battled, and five times you have dishonored me in front of my father. After our last tournament, my father suffered a heart attack. On his death bed, I swore to bring back honor to the Star name, and this is my final solution. Akito told Carson that he would be escorted to his room in order to prepare for the tournament. As they walked away, Carson asked Akito if he would wear the blindfold. Akito sneared no not in this tournament. Carson said I always knew you weren’t really blind. Boyd was taken up one flight of stairs and down a long hallway. He was put in a room on the right side of the hall, and the person described the room to him. There was a bathroom at 12 o’clock, a bed at 9 o’clock, and at 3 o’clock, there was a practice pad with a punching bag hanging from the ceiling. Boyd was shown the karate uniform he would use for the tournament. The person left, and Boyd sat on the bed and thought about Kristal and karate.

Chapter six: The Search continues

As Agent Pele saw it, revenge was the motive for the kidnapping. In addition, they pretty well knew that Akito Star had his men do the kidnapping, but where would they have taken him. Star Enterprises and Akito Star had four houses scattered throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Three of them were on the ocean, but just because they had used a boat to get away didn’t mean they wouldn’t offload Carson and drive to the inland house. Just then, Agent Pele remembered something that Kristal Carson had told him about the fight by the International Market. Pele called Kristal at the Hilton and re-confirmed the information. According to Kristal, Boyd had really devastated the guy that was attacking him. She had heard his ribs crack after Boyd hit him with his roundhouse kick. With this in mind, Pele got a list of hospitals near Akito’s houses and hoped he would have some luck. He tried to block out of his mind the possibility that Akito Star was rich enough to hire his own doctor. There was another question that needed to be answered. How did Akito know that the Carson’s were going to be in Hawaii at this time. He called the research center and asked them to do a full spectrum information search using the key words; blind, karate, Hawaii, and Carson.


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